There are various ways to volunteer for Maya Midwifery International. See which option might be best for you then contact us.

in guatemala


Long Term Volunteer/internship position (1 — 12 months)

Internship or long-term volunteer position available for midwife (CNM or direct entry), medical student or staff (preferably at least 2 years med. school, or RN with experience) to work in our fully-equipped clinic and pharmacy, offering primary care consultations, exams, medications, and trainings for our staff of midwives. Also seeking volunteers/interns with ultrasound experience. Intermediate to advanced Spanish required.

A small donation is requested depending on length of stay; options for room/board.


Short term volunteer position (1 week — 1 month)

Individuals with midwifery, medical, dental, ultrasound or lab experience can help us by providing specialized medical trainings to our staff of midwives, or by participating in Mobile Clinics – as well as offering midwifery consultations and clinical teaching of midwife apprentices. We prefer volunteers who intend to maintain a relationship with ACAM, either as returning volunteers or fund raisers in the U.S. Intermediate to advanced Spanish strongly preferred.

A small donation is requested depending on length of stay; options for room/board.

in the united states


short term or long term volunteer position

We are seeking help with fund raising events, grant writing and obtaining medical supplies. We can help you set up an event at your local school, church, or craft fair selling Maya weavings, jewelry, and handicrafts. We obtain these from the midwives and other local women which provides additional income to them and supports the continuation of these ancient cultural traditions. We are also looking for additional MMI Board Members.

Additional opportunities


individual visits

We welcome both day and overnight guests to come and see our birth center, learn about MMI and get to know the women who run this unique organization. If you are in the area and interested in visiting for the day, please contact our volunteer coordinator to schedule a visit. If you are interested in staying overnight, we may be able to accommodate you depending on schedule and length of stay. The volunteer coordinator will be happy to help you discuss details of your stay. Day visitors are asked to leave a donation of Q100( about $13) and overnight visitors are asked to leave a donation of Q 200 (about $26 and includes meals).


Student groups

We are pleased to accommodate groups of Spanish students from Xela, and other organizations or schools that may be planning a trip to the area. Your group can tour the birth center, learn about medicinal plants, traditional medicine and midwifery, the situation of indigenous women in Guatemala, and the impact of the Guatemalan Civil War on our local community. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator to discuss details regarding areas of interest, group size, and to schedule a visit. We request a donation of Q50/person depending on group size.



We are happy to discuss the possibility of larger conferences for groups of university students, midwives, and medical/nursing students. Students can stay at our site, or in nearby hotels, and come and learn about Maya medicine, local medicinal plants, and traditional midwifery practices. We can also coordinate and host conferences related to the situation of women in Guatemala, ongoing impacts of the Civil War, and various socioeconomic themes. If you're interested in coordinating a conference, please contact our volunteer coordinator to discuss possibilities for a conference.

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