Maya Midwifery/ACAM is Hiring

Current openings:

midwifery instructor/mentor and assistant program manager

Projected Start Date: June 1, 2018 (negotiable)


Live-in placement at ACAM birth center and clinic (in apartment with separate bathroom and kitchen above the clinic).  CNM will live at ACAM during the work week (M-F) with option to stay on-site during weekends or travel as desired. 


  • CNM or CM- Experience at least 2 years as full scope midwife (may consider less midwifery experience if possesses other health care experience prior)
  • Fluent in Spanish reading, writing and speaking. 
  • Some international health experience preferred
  • Ultrasound skills preferred
  • Minimum commitment 6 months, 1 year preferred


  • Coordination with U.S.-based CNMs on topics including project updates, budget reporting, and planning.
  • Clinical mentoring of ACAM midwives in full scope practice: be present and assist with non-emergent deliveries as much as practical.  While on-site, should be available at any time to assist in case of emergencies.
  • Assistance with planning, coordination, and implementation of weekly mobile clinics to outlying communities and programmed outreach to community midwives
  • Assistance to ACAM midwives with planning and organization of new projects, coordinating regular all-house meetings and separate meetings with the ACAM officers.
  • Participate in local and national meetings with the ACAM midwives to further midwifery profession in Guatemala.
  • Network and work with other NGOs and midwifery organizations throughout Guatemala.  Plan for approximately 1 visit per month to other organizations. 

  • Stipend, room and board at ACAM center
  • 6 weeks of paid vacation
  • One round trip plane ticket and ground transportation to the ACAM center
  • Travel and evacuation insurance costs covered


Send inquiries and CV to:

  1. Nicole May, CNM, MMI director:; or
  2. Mary Ellen Galante, CNM MMI program coordinator: