Maya Midwifery International is a small 501c3 charity which depends on private and corporate donations to continue its programs. All donations are tax deductible.


Your donations at work

  • $25 provides the gasoline for two mobile clinic trips

  • $50 provides medications to prevent postpartum hemorrhage for 10 women

  • $100 provides 3 midwifery textbooks

  • $450 provides 1 midwifery kit containing medical instruments, textbook, and supplies

  • $1000 provides computer classes for 20 women for 1 year

  • $1500 provides medicines and supplies for 3 mobile clinics to remote areas

  • $2800 provides 1 year salary for a Maya midwife

  • $5000 provides instruction for 20 midwife apprentices

  • $30,000 would provide a 4 wheel drive vehicle to reach remote areas year round

We also accept donations of usable medical equipment, computers, teaching models, rock climbing gear for emergency rescues, hand knit newborn/infant layettes, and other in-kind donations in good working order. Please contact us if you wish to donate these items.

Checks should be made out to Maya Midwifery International and mailed to:

Maya Midwifery International

c/o Nicole May

124 Boston Avenue, #2

Somerville, MA 02144


We also accept PayPal donations.

Chjonte! Gracias! Thank you!


Please contact us if you have any questions.

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